21th May, 2013 - Filming Location


Filming Locations

Listed below are the filming locations for the competition:


Items to take note during filming


No. Locations
1 Xinmei Street
2 Shui Xian Gong Traditional Market
3 Qiaotou Beach Park
4 Taiwan History Museum
5 An-ping settlement
6 Old City Gate (Dongmen Gate, Nanmen Gate and etc.)
7 Old Tainan County Magistrate Residence
8 Bao-An train station
9 Tainan Film Center, Nanmen Rd.
10 Tainan City Ancestral Shrine of Koxinga, Zhongyi Rd.
11 Haian Road Culture District
12 Erkong Military Village
13 Japanese-style Dorms on Lane. 321, Gongyuan Rd.
14 Tainan Canal
15 National Museum of Taiwan Literature
16 Eternal Golden Castle, Anping
17 Ye-Shih-Tao Literary Memorial Museum
18 Deyang Ship, Anping Port
19 Quan Mei Movie Theater, Yongfu Rd.
20 Old Japanese Patriotic Women's Association


Unfortunately, Team No.38 "飛高高“ has been eliminated. They failed to pay the entry fee.