Rules & Regulations



Participants will gather on Friday, May 24, at 18:30pm.



At 21:00 p.m., after the Opening Ceremony, teams draw lots to decide their shooting locations and character. A prop will get announced for all teams.



The deadline for submissions is 12:00 p.m. (noon) SHARP on May 26th at WuYuan Cultural Garden.



Films submitted after the deadline, are only eligible for the “Special Jury Prize” and the “Audience Choice Award”. Late entries will get screened if possible. The entry fee is not refundable.




Before the start of the contest, the preparatory work for each team is as follows:


Script:   :

More than one script or draft can be prepared in advance.

Crew :

Recruiting team members: the number of crewmembers is limited to 10.

Equipment :

Each team is required to use its own equipment



All films are required to be shot entirely in Tainan between May, 24th, 21:00p.m. and May, 26th, 12:00p.m., and include three elements designated by the organizers: one prop, one location, and one of 10 possible characters.


All films must complete the story design using the designated elements; if any of the    
elements or information is missing, the film will not be able to enter the final review
stage, and it will be automatically disqualified. Disqualified films are only eligible for the
“Special Jury Prize” and the “Audience Choice Award”.


(A) Prop:

A prop will get announced on the day of the location lottery. Each film must include at least one scene in which the prop can be either clearly seen, or is explicitly mentioned in the dialog.



(B) Location:

Each team will draw lots to determine their shooting location in Tainan.The shooting location must play a dominant role in the film, which means at least one minute of the film must be shot on location. The  location must be recognizable.

The list of the 20 shooting locations will be announced on May 10th.



(C) Character:

Each team will draw lots to decide which of 10 characters predetermined by the contest organizers will appear in the film. The actor playing the role must speak at least three lines in the film, or else appear in at least one third of the scenes in the film. The character’s occupation can be represented through a costume worn by the character (e.g., a police officer) or through dialog.


(D) Credits:     

In their credits, all films must include the festival logo and mention the festival as follows:


Shot in Tainan City, Taiwan as part of the

Tainan 39 Hour Short Film Contestival 2013                                 

Hosted by the Tainan City Government Cultural Affairs Bureau,

Audiovisual Support Center and Department of Information and International Relations, Tainan City Government

The logo can be downloaded from the Download section.






The total length of the film must not exceed 5 minutes.




Any dialog in the film must have both Chinese and English subtitles. There will be translators to help modify the grammar, but they will not be responsible for the full translation.





Use only a USB 2.0 or 3.0 flash drive when submitting the file. All flash drives must be clearly labeled with the team’s registration number. Make sure you have a backup copy of your film.


Teams are responsible to ensure that their movie files play in VLC 2.0.5 software. Video speed rate should not exceed 16 megabits (16Mb/sec). The festival screen’s aspect ratio is 16:9, projection will be in 1920 x 1080 HD, and submitted films are expected to match this format.



Music :

Any single piece of extradiegetic music used in the short film may not appear for more than one minute at a time.



Film video file.



Film Stills:

Each film must submit 5 film stills (resolution: 300 dpi; size: 20 cm × 20 cm or above) to use for publishing purposes in the future.



Purpose or ideas of the making of this short film.






The main contact person must keep the mobile phone available for the all time during the contest.



During the competition period, all team members must wear the festival T-shirts as an entry permit for the shooting location.



The competition films involving in the violations of plagiarism, infringement of                 intellectual property rights and etc. The author will have to take full legal responsibility.



The organizers have the right to shoot video and photographs of the competition process of every team during the event, for documentary and public relations production purposes.



During filming, please pay attention to your own safety. Any behavior and actions that violate the law are prohibited, and responsibility for such violations must be assumed by those involved and not the organizers of this competition.



All submitted films will be shown to the international jury.



By submitting their film, the filmmakers authorize the Tainan 39 Hour Short Film Contestival to use their films in their full length or excerpts of it to produce a documentary DVD to promote the festival and the City of Tainan in media and internet. The filmmakers remain full non-exclusive rights to their films as long as the Tainan 39 Hour of Short Film Contestival and its organizers are mentioned in the credits.





This event is open to public, so age-restricted scenes may not be inculded in the films. Any film with such scenes will be automatically disqualified from the contest.



No film should use music, photos, or videos that infringe upon or violate copyright in any way. All participating teams will take full legal responsibility for such infringements and violations. In case of violation of theses terms, teams may be asked to return the awards and cash award.



If there is damage to public or private property or to personal belongings, or both, during the shooting, the team that caused the damage must pay for the liability.



For more information, please refer to the official website, on which you will find all the most updated information according to the latest announcements of the organizers.





Enthusiastic and passionate filmmakers from any background, city, country, age group, and nationality are invited to participate in the Tainan 39 Hour Short Film Contestival. Due to its unique design allowing films to get shot, edited, screened, and awarded on the same weekend the festival can only accept 39 teams. Applications will be given preference based on the following:



Ideas [ 60% ]

(for example: scripts or script ideas for a 5-minute short film to be shot during the Tainan 39 Hour Short Film Contestival, a 39-hour shooting plan or schedule)



Experiences [ 30% ]

(for example: degrees related to filmmaking, previous experience working on film projects)



Recognition [ 10% ]

(for example: awards, or screenings at other film festivals, or on TV + any additionalinformation that might help the pre-selection committee in coming to a decision)


Registration Procedure




Each team must first register by e-mail and then wait for the finalist’s notification before paying the entry fee. Send the word file (.doc) to the registration e-mail:



After receiving a notice of acceptance, teams must pay an entry fee of TWD 2000 within three days, and send a copy of the receipt by e-mail. Otherwise, the team will lose its qualification to enter the contest. The participants will be required to pay the transfer fee at their own expense. The festival can only accept transfer from bank to bank, ATM transfer is not available. All teams must make sure that they have received a notice of acceptance before paying the entry fee; Payments are non-refundable.

Bank information


Bank of Taiwan, Tainan Branch (Bank code: 0040093)

Account name


The Culture Bureau of Tainan City Government funds account

Account number






Print out the entry form and sign it, and then send it by mail to the address below postmarked no later than one week after receiving the notice of acceptance


Envelope addressed to: “Tainan 39 Hour Short Film Contestival”
Mailing address: No. 197, Sec. 1, Fuqian Rd., West Central Dist., Tainan City




For more detailed information please call:


Ms. Zhang
Tel: 06-214-9510
Fax: 06-214-5760


Ms. TinLing Tai
E-mail: (for registration)